We’re not dead…yet! (Some updates)

It has been a loooong time since we updated the blog. Just in case anyone thinks we have disappeared mysteriously – we’re still here! The SweetHut bakers are currently busy with school (read Adrian’s post to get an idea of how busy we have been) and getting piles of schoolwork stacked up on us haha… We had to turn down some orders because of that. Please accept our sincere apologies for being unable to process the orders.!

Once we think we are ready to get back in the baking scene and play along with our oven, mixers and spatula – you’ll be updated!

I have registered with a new domain company to host SweetHut’s website, so the website may be inaccessible for a day or two till the transfer is done.

Take care everyone and enjoy your weekends!

With love,

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Making of Ping.sg Anniversary Cake – By SweetHut!

Ok, this is pretty long over due considering that the Ping.sg party was 070707, so sorry!!!

Anyway the SweetHut team was tasked to do the Ping.sg 1st anniversary cake, the design would be a classic 3 tier cake, chocolate… lots of chocolate…LOTS of it…. followed by a simple white design to follow up. That was it is simple and classy.

Step 1: Here we sieve the flour, sieve the flour, sieve the flour…

ping.sg cake: workstation

Step 2) First Cake layer is completed! This is 10 inches in Diameter (ie: 5 inches in Radius, if you wanna know the circumference, pls calculate on your own :p)

single cake layer

Step 3) More Cake layers are completed, in total 6 layers were made. 2 of each diameter (10, 8 and 6)

Many cake layers

Step 4) Chocolate chips melted down to get the nice yummy fudge that we use to coat the cake in

Choc Chips

choc batter

Step 5) Stack the Layers in the proper order, starting with the WIDEST base of course. It still does not look too nice yet… cos we have not added the yummy choc fudge!

Cake stack

Step 6) Lovingly add all that choc fudge to the cake!

Cake with fudge

Step 8) Make the Nice White Balls

choc balls

Step 8) Decorate the Ping.sg Cake!!!!!!! (and add te word PING :D)

Ping cake 1

Step 9) Add the flowers… and WE ARE DONE!

Final cake!

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We just got ermm… Keropoked!

Wow, thanks to Keropokman for the wonderful pictures!

truffles 1

He does have a Knack for making ANYTHING look good :)Cheers!


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Sinful and deep desires!

Today marks the end of my 6-months internship in the Faraway land. I decided to treat the company to some cupcakes as an appreciation to the company for being such wonderful mentors, colleagues and friends! Thus, I spent half of my weekend baking some chocolate espresso cupcakes in the kitchen (or maybe it’s just an excuse to satisfy Miss Chocoholic’s cravings).

Mhmmm…these cupcakes are just soooo rich and soooo sinful! But who cares? I love them! The first batch of cupcakes didn’t have the strong espresso taste I was expecting, so I added a tad bit more espresso in the second batch. Ahhh…the subtle aroma of espresso, mixed together with a rich chocolate flavor…heavenly! I topped the cupcakes with a layer of chocolate ganache (get what I mean by sinful?) and decorated them with an assortment of lil things such as chopped nuts, thousands and hundreds, white chocolate chips, silver sugar balls and chocolate rice.

Here are the visuals for the cupcakes!

Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes Chocolate Espresso Cupcakes


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Pick me up!

I had some Bailey’s and Sponge fingers left over from the Tiramisu I made for my mum’s birthday. Since I have the tendency to let things sit on the shelf or in the fridge for too long, I decided to make something out of it. After much research, I decided to try something rather unique – Tiramisu truffles. Okay… I admit it’s not THAT unique, both Tiramisu and truffles are common desserts you find. Then again, how often do you see Tiramisu truffles?


So here you go, the first batch of Tiramisu truffles! (Yes, there’s mascarpone cheese in it)


Tiramisu Truffles


The truffles are now on our menu!! They were the best sellers for our ‘lil Father’s Day event. The base comes in a choice of white chocolate, milk chocolate or dark chocolate. Coatings range from cocoa powder, dessicated coconut, chopped nuts to icing sugar. We’re going to try out new flavours and coatings for these babies, so stay tuned!




PS: I finally made a post on our blog! Hurray for procrastination! Now no one will say I don’t ever blog, hahaha.. =P




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Having Fun while Baking

The Sweethut Team gathered again at my place on Saturday to rush out a new set of orders, among which was a “special” order. We actually spent Friday night shopping for the various items to make this “special” order. Its really amazing how efficient we are getting at churning out orders these days, or maybe its my uber mixer.

So anyway we managed to come up with the usual Linzers, choc chip cookies and…. our brand new CUPCAKES!

Here is the “special” order

Oh yea and who says baking was merely slaving over an oven, I decided to get creative and made the sweethut team out of spare dough ūüôā

Signing off….


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Linzer Cookies: New Versions

Ok, I just baked a quick test batched with the remaining dough from an order. I decided to work on adding new flavours to our current line of linzer cookies… which is only strawberry :p

So I tested with blueberry jam and my special chocolate mix ūüôā¬† Gonna try them in the morning (^_^)v

Linzer Cookies 3 typeLinzer Cookies 3 type

Signing off


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The Case of the Missing CHERRY

Most Saturdays is when the Sweethut Team gathers for a nice lunch, discuss what is going on and do some mass baking together. So just last Saturday, we met at Holland village (me and Sz met first). Cherry was suppose to meet us after her lunch at city hall, but the poor gal’s phone betrayed her and died :p.

Fortunately before her phone gave up on her, Cherry (our protagonist) managed to squeeze out 1 last sms telling her friends (me and sz) that she was by the food court in Holland V. But there were several food court and I got her sms only after a delay. So due to this communication breakdown, sz and I went round the entire Holland V, entering shops, checking the shopping centers, even the Phoonhuat nearby! But in the end we concluded that we had a missing Cherry and decided to head off to settle the baking at my place :p

Turns out Cherry was safe at home after waiting for us for 40 minutes. Which brings me to the point….. should I get everyone a walkie talkie set?

Signing off…


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Brownies in Progress: Beta testers required

 Well Claire talked about what we are going to do next and yes we are branching towards brownies, tiramisus as well as expanding our range of linzer cookiers!

First off I would like to introduce what we are currently working on in preparation for Father’s day: right now this is our first version of rum brownies. Pardon the looks and the setting, its a test batch right out of my oven. Right now feedback from those who tried has been positive.

Brownies 3Brownies 2

Brownies 1

Right now we are looking for beta testers (yes my gaming background is in play here) for these yummy brownies. Pls email or sms or twitter or just place a general comment. I will get back to you. Pls state where you live and any allergies (I need beta testers not for just these brownies). Ppl who live nearer to where i live will be given preference as usually i cannot afford to travel across the island to give a small piece for sampling yar? unless you work in changi biz park.

Alrighty signing off…

~Adrian~ (for the ping.sg folks: yes I happen to be arzhou from arzhou.blogspot.com)

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On Mother’s Day…

Hello beautiful people! So sorry for the lack of posts lately. Been busy baking away for the Mother’s Day sales. Thank you, all you lovelies out there for your support and positive comments! All in all, I would say this Mother’s Day sales was a success, with “Piece of My Heart” as the hot favourite. Thank you once again! ūüôā

For the past two weeks, we have been going around doing some “kitchen-visiting” (okay basically Cherry and my place. Adrian! When are you opening up your place for us to view your oh-so-huge oven and your oh-so-cool mixer??!) and major baking sessions. It was really fun and we had somewhat of a bonding session together. More of such sessions to come I hope! Last Saturday, yeah as Adrian has posted earlier, was a dessert pig-out date with them, followed by more baking. Been a great week so far, and more orders are coming in.

Oh yes, we value your opinions!! And we sincerely do appreciate those comments and views left by our friends/family. THANK YOU once again! Keep posting/emailing/sending those feedbacks to us so that we will be able to improvise/alter to suit your tastebuds!

Please be patient with us. We’ve been trying to “concoct” a few more recipes and variations which will be introduced to you in time to come. If I’m not wrong, we will be coming up with Brownies and Tiramisu soon (do I hear you go “Ooohhh”?) ! So stay tuned.

(A big shout out to my church/net group people…Thanks for your comments and support so far! Love you guys!)

Cheerios, Claire with love

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